Who are you going to be in a relationship with soon?

One thing is that at the beginning of your relationship you think you finally found eternal love and unforgettable and another, very different, is that it really is. We will Not give you the signs that your relationship goes directly to failure, because it is truly obvious when certain things happen. I mean, if he leaves you planted; It criticizes you because you love Pink Floyd, while she/he loves Maluma; They never kick and practically only need to introduce you to their second front; Then your relationship is not on the right track.

Peeeero, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. If you have asked your partner: Where does our love go? Would You like to know if your relationship is the owner of the ball or will only be one more migraine? Continue your reading.

What do you know about love if you’ve never banned a gas?
Simple, plain and concise. If you’ve never done it, your relationship probably won’t last much longer.

Have endured the bodily inclemency
Not just the fumes, also the morning breath, the flu, the diarrhea and the squeezed grains. Who has endured this can withstand a whole war.

He’S stuck in traffic for you.
Perhaps one of the most accurate signs of deep love. They Say that love ends in Peripherals, but how about it has no limits?

Screams and Sombrerazos certified by Discussions with Happy Ending SA de CV
We’ve All been arguing with our partner at some point. That’s not what. But one thing is Juan Domínguez and another is do not scrub me. Arguing with happy ending means that they come to agreements, that there are no winners or losers, but that they both accept their mistakes and talk about what bothers them. It’S Easy To hear, but only the big ones do. And What better if they have sex after every fight. Extra Points.

Do You dare? Yes, Of Course!
Sex in the elevator? Attend a swinger bar? You never lose your ability to wonder. Both Accept to know new things, from sex toys to do things that would have never dared not to have this relationship. The Puritita Novelty, they tell you.


This relationship is well worth it if you…

Trials? If He will see the Final Judgement
Bah, you like Maluma. It’s Not like you clap it, but it doesn’t judge you either. What’S more, he has a playlist on his phone with the songs he likes, even though they aren’t his mere mole. In fact, he doesn’t judge your decisions either. Are you going to give up that job where you win like the Shah of Iran, but hate with jarocho hatred? He/She supports you in what you do.

Sing the Hymn of Joy
Well, not exactly, but he does rejoice infinitely with your accomplishments. Celebrate your successes and admire what you do. And when you find someone who looks up to you, you’re from the other Laredo, Texas.

Hold on to your family
Yes, we know you love her, but you also know very well that living with them is a stomach ache. If He holds your little sister’s snot, your brother’s mugs and your dad’s sermons, then he’s the one.

It lends you things that are untouchable
Your car, your favorite pillow, your Starbucks card, is more, up to your toothbrush, but above all… Your Netflix key. That, dear readers, is pure and hard love.

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